Five Tips for Cleaning a Reusable Coffee Filter

Posted on: 9 September 2016

If you use a reusable mesh filter with your coffee machine, you need to clean the filter on a regular basis. Keeping it clean safeguards flavour and ensures it works correctly. Wondering how to clean it? Take a look at these tips:

1. Boil filter in vinegar and water.

Over time, coffee grounds get stuck to your filter, and an oily residue from the coffee grounds may also build up on it. To effectively remove those items, boil a solution of two parts vinegar and one part water. Submerge your filter and let it soak in the bubbling liquid for several minutes. If your coffee filter has any plastic elements, don't boil the solution—just use very hot water.

2. Use a degreaser for stubborn oils.

While the above method works in most cases, sometimes, you may find that it doesn't remove stubborn greasy residue. To address that, add a splash of strong dishwashing liquid to your vinegar-water solution and try cleaning again with the above steps. If the oily stains still persist, try a stronger oil remover -- for example, oven cleaners or vehicle degreasers may work.

3. Rinse thoroughly.

Whether you use vinegar or a degreasing product from your garage, you don't want your coffee to taste like that. To avoid that, you need to rinse the filter thoroughly. Start by filling a sink full of hot water and letting the filter soak in that. Then, place a colander in the sink, pop your mesh filter inside of it and let the water run over it. Turn the filter occasionally to ensure the water hits every spot. If you like, give the filter an extra rinse by putting it in your coffee machine, filling the machine with water and then running it without adding coffee.

4. Don't use scrubbing brushes.

When cleaning your coffee filter, don't use scrubbing brushes. Even a little toothbrush could damage the mesh on your coffee filter. Instead use a soft sponge, or just let the power of your cleaning products penetrate the filter. As you clean, look over the filter for issues. If the mesh is ripped or bent, it may allow coffee grounds to enter your brew.

5. Schedule regular coffee machine maintenance.

Finally, to help you take care of your filter, schedule regular maintenance for your coffee machine. The maintenance experts can help you find the most effective ways to clean your filter, and they can help you decide when you need a new filter.