Maintenance Tips You Need to Keep Your Washing Machine in Good Condition

Posted on: 4 June 2016

For your washing machine to serve you properly, you must take good care of it. Just like many other appliances in your house, failing to maintain your washing machine elevates the risk of a breakdown and eventual costly repairs. Essentially, the washing machine relies on an electrical power supply, hot water inlet, cold water and detergents to perform its functions. If you have just bought one for the first time, the following are some of the maintenance tips that you can use to keep the machine in good condition:

Do Not Overload the Machine

Being a large appliance, your washing machine is one of the few equipment that requires a large power supply. Particularly, it needs much power when you have a lot of washing that requires you to use the machine for a long time. Preferably, you should restrain from plugging in the washing machine alongside other electrical appliances. This elevates the risk of overloading, especially in cases where you don't know the voltage rating of the power supply sockets or power extension leads. An overloaded power supply can easily lead to a short circuit in your washing machine necessitating a major repair.

Keep the Washing Machine Stable

You should make sure that the washing machine is always on a flat or level ground. If necessary, you should adjust the feet of the machine so that it is stable whenever it is in use. An imbalanced washing machine will experience many vibrations during washing. These vibrations make the other connections lose, and they can easily damage other internal components. The vibrations can also make you lose a lot of water by weakening the connection of the water supply hoses to the machine.

Keep an Eye on the Hoses

The hosepipes supplying water to your washing machine do so at high pressure. This causes friction that makes the pipes wear out with time. You need to inspect the pipes and look out for physical signs of wearing such as blisters, cracks and inability to connect well with the machine. Worn out hose pipes should be replaced to minimise water loss and energy wastage.

Regular Cleaning

With time, detergent residues build up and they can lead to mildew in the machine. At the same time, debris can also build up in the hosepipe used to drain out the dirty water, clogging it. Therefore, you should clean the machine regularly by wiping all the parts you can reach. Remember to use any cleaning agents such as baking soda or bleach as recommended by your manufacturer.