Signs of Impending Ducted Heating Repairs

Posted on: 13 May 2016

Ducted heating systems are units that are commonly found in both residential as well as commercial buildings. They are preferred due to their convenience as well as durability. However, just as most other appliances, these HVAC systems require proper and regular maintenance to ensure they remain in optimal working condition. Not taking the right maintenance measures will lead to the eventual decline of your heating system. The following are some of the signs impeding ducted heating repairs.

The ducted heating system is not heating the building sufficiently

One of the most common signs of a ducted heating system is one that is not providing you with sufficient heat. If you have set the heating system to a specific temperature and it is taking much longer than usual to achieve this temperature, it would be time to enlist the services of HVAC contractors. The problem could be due to an array of things ranging from a faulting thermostat to a faulty fan. Alternatively, you may find that the ducted heating system is emitting heat, but the temperatures fluctuate from one room to another. This would be a symptom with zoned ducted system that are designed to heat different areas simultaneously. Any changes in the pace of heating or temperature regulation should be addressed by a professional contractor before the problem becomes exacerbated.

Your buildings walls are heating up when the HVAC unit is on

Ducted heating systems are designed to release warm air into the room that requires heating. However, it is not supposed to transfer heat to the wall it is installed in too. If you feel the walls becoming warmer when you turn on the ducted heating system, chances are there is internal damage in the unit. These warm surfaces can also be accompanied with discolouration, which could be a sign of burning in the wall. The best course of action would be to switch off the heating system and call on professional HVAc contractors to come establish why the ducted heating system is radiating heat through the walls. 

Your energy bills have drastically increased

When it comes to a drastic change in your energy bills, the most common culprits are faulty appliances. You may not have noticed anything particularly out of the ordinary with your heated ducted system. However, if you keep receiving unusually high utility bills then it could mean your ducted heating system is overworking itself. Left unchecked, constant overworking could lead to complete malfunction of your ducted heating system. 

For ducted gas heating repair questions, talk to a professional.