Guide to Buying Refrigerated Cabinets for Commercial Applications

Posted on: 27 April 2016

Refrigerated cabinets offer a suitable storage space for food products that need to be kept refrigerated in commercial areas such as supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores and so on. There are several varieties of refrigerated cabinets that you can choose from, making the decision to settle on a particular type of cabinet rather difficult.

Here are a number of important things you should consider to ensure that you choose the most appropriate refrigerated cabinets for your intended commercial application.


What food items do you intend to store inside your refrigerated cabinets? Is it milk, meat, fish, groceries, cake, or any other foodstuff? Refrigerated cabinets are designed to keep foods cool, cold, chilled or frozen. Some units provide just enough temperature to prevent stored foods from going bad quickly while others are best for keeping foods such as ice-cream frozen.

Therefore, knowing the temperature requirements of the food items you plan to keep inside your refrigerated cabinets can help guide your choice of a suitable appliance.


Do you need your refrigeration cabinets to merely serve as storage compartments or do you need them to act as display units as well? Where you intend to place your refrigeration cabinets has a big say in this. Refrigeration units to be used in restaurant kitchens, for instance, do not require display features because they will be primarily used to store ready-cooked food, fresh groceries, and food ingredients. Hence, refrigeration cabinets with a closed design would do just fine.

Bakeries, on the other hand, not only need to keep their cakes refrigerated but also want them displayed for customers to see. For that reason, you should look for refrigerated units that can offer maximum display area for products that need to stay refrigerated but visible.

Floor space

How much floor space do you have to accommodate your refrigerated cabinets? If you have a lot of floor space, as is typically the case with large retail stores, you can get cabinets that are long and wide enough to cover your floor space.

But, if you are restricted in terms of space, you can choose units designed with multi-decks. This way, you can have layers of food items well-arranged inside the cabinets without taking up so much floor space.


The aesthetics of refrigerated cabinets, especially those that are also used for display purposes counts a great deal. Features such as LED lighting that improve the visual quality of display areas in refrigerated units should be considered when making a choice.